Thuistezien 80 — 12.06.2020

No View, The Radio X
Look in all directions
Yeah You

Yeah You is a British electronic duo consisting of Elvin Brandhi and Gustav Thomas, renown for their improvised bursts of noisy beats and aggressive spoken word performances within their car, the medium chosen for this contribution to the series. These explosive sets created and recorded with minimal equipment within the car, combined with the sparse, DIY yet very lively video footage of the drive, gives an impression of the utter frustration at the mundane routines we all typically go through in our everyday lives. They explode in a rage at their need to go to the supermarket every other day, giving them the courage to do so once they arrive and park the car. 

About the series: No View, The Radio
The arts are taking a break. Theaters, museums, concert halls and galleries are closed. To a large extent, the art that is so desperately needed right now is inaccessible. Imagine being quarantined at home without films, without books, without music. Though we may not access the art, we can still think about it. The enforced rupture of this isolation can also be an opportune moment to reflect on and from, the arts. Every Friday for the upcoming weeks we will showcase original musical works by different artists, selected by Alex Andropoulos.