Flusser 100 Festival Robion
04.05.2020 — 13.05.2020
Flusser 100 Festival
4 - 13 May 2020
Robion France

Together with the Association Cavaillon Luberon Provence we introduce the Flusser 100 Festival in Robion, celebrating the 100th birthday of Vilém Flusser in the town he called home, and where he wrote most of his famous publications. This is also an occasion to draw attention to the growing interest in Flussers work.

Come celebrate the work and life of Vilém Flusser on the occasion of his 100th birthday with a centennial week of philosophical discussions, exhibitions and performances in Robion and the surrounding area of the Provence in southeastern France, Flusser‘s selected place of residence from the mid 1970s.

At the interface between science, art and media literacy, we want to reprocess Flusser's work for the here and now. We encourage all Flusserians and thinkers of communication, language and technology to join us to discuss, explore and enjoy Flusser's work and legacy. The Flusser 100 Festival Robion is a collaboration of the Association Cavaillon Luberon Provence (ACLP), West Den Haag and the Flusser Club e.V., supported by the Vilém Flusser Archive and the dedicated community around the Flusser Studies.

Flusser's work has recently experienced an upsurge in interest. The Flusser 100 festival could be an opportunity to help catalyse a new generation of philosophical and artistic interest in Flusser's thinking and encourage more exchange between the media studies communities.
During the first 2 weeks, and maybe more, of May 2020 we will be convening in Robion, Luberon, France, where Vilém Flusser spent the most productive years of his life, to celebrate his 100th birthday.

More information and participation: http://flusser.club/en/flusser-100-festival-robion-2/