Spinoza and the Arts
Spinoza Sessions
15.04.2020 — ongoing
Spinoza Sessions

As part of our new Thuistezien program where we explore all the ways we can engage and exchange together through the available technologies and techniques, we are launching a series of Spinozan conversations, where host of our Spinoza Circles, Baruch Gottlieb will meet and discuss with contemporary thinkers for whom Spinoza's thinking offers some helpful insights into our contemporary condition.

14.04.2020: Mateusz Janik
For our first session we are happy to welcome Mateusz Janik from the Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Political Studies. Together we will discuss some of his research into the influence of Chinese philosophy on Medieval European thinking in general and on Spinozism in particular, including the ‘Sino-Spinozism’, a damning label used in the 18th century to exclude certain vectors of philosophical argument from the academy.

22.04.2020: Jim Batcho