Alphabetum III:
Laws of Form
George Spencer-Brown
28.09.2019 — 31.12.2019
Laws of Form
George Spencer-Brown

Exhibition: 28.09.2019 — 31.12.2019
West Museumkwartier, vml. Amerikaanse ambassade, Lange Voorhout 102, Den Haag
In cooperation with
Liverpool University & LOF50
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2019 marks 50 years since George Spencer-Brown's book, Laws of Form was first published; 50 years since Heinz von Foerster's influential review in The Last Whole Earth Catalogue first appeared, describing it as a Twentieth Century transistorized power-driven equivalent of Occam's razor; 50 years since Stafford Beer reviewed it in Nature, stating he suspected he was reviewing 'a work of genius', a view shared by Lancelot Law Whyte, who described it as such in his book, The Universe of Experience: A Worldview Beyond Science and Religion, adding, 'I recommend to all interested in the frontiers of the intellect the introduction and notes to Laws of Form.' In The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, he stated, 'I still consider, on re-examining this book after a two-year interval, that it is a work of genius … One is aware of contact with a mind of high originality'.
(text from lof50 symposium).

More information about the exhibition will be available shortly.