Thuistezien 142 — 08.01.2021

No View, The Radio XXVIV
Sasha Zalivako
Number One

Sasha Zalivako is an artist not based in a fixed location, working primarily in the field of visual art. She chooses to work nomadically without the restrictions of a studio or tools, and unbound to a specific medium, keeping herself open to spur of the moment inspiration. Traveling is an integral part of her life and practice, the two subtly intertwined in her everyday.

Her work comes naturally and is never forced, the moment needing to feel right for her to create. Following this attitude, her creations seem to serve as subtle add-ons or extensions to a chosen moment or situation, rather than as art for art's sake. The experience of drinking wine or eating food is enriched by using specifically designed cups and plates, the ambience of a room enriched by the carefully orchestrated photographs of travels on the wall, the car journey enriched by organ and accordion music written and recorded for the specific experience.

About the series: No View, The Radio
The arts are taking a break. Theaters, museums, concert halls and galleries are closed. To a large extent, the art that is so desperately needed right now is inaccessible. Imagine being quarantined at home without films, without books, without music. Though we may not access the art, we can still think about it. The enforced rupture of this isolation can also be an opportune moment to reflect on and from, the arts. Every Friday for the upcoming weeks we will showcase original musical works by different artists, selected by Alex Andropoulos.