on all eights
12.04.2024 — 21.04.2024

The first exhibition is organized by the Master Artistic Research department of KABK.

We are delighted to announce the launch of Paradise, a new initiative for young artists in the Stationsbuurt area. West Den Haag and the Royal Academy of Art have jointly developed a platform where young talent can develop and present their work.

You can find Paradise in a historic building along the canals of The Hague, nestled between the city center and Schilderswijk, and just a stone’s throw from Hollands Spoor station. The initiative aims to create an environment where artists can independently experiment and grow, supported by the expertise of both an educational and an art institution.

The ‘on all eights’ exhibition features the work of: Raquel Coll i Juncosa, Kelsey Corby, Larissa Esvelt, Graciela María González, Golnoosh Heshmati, Yelim Ki (photo), Jakob van Klinken, Athina Koumela, Ida Leijting, Ewan McSorley, Jae Park, Nicole Ross, Asrafun Nahar Ruhin, Mirre Seur, Riki Stollar, Tair Uria, Caleb Witvoet, Choi Wong, and Quinn Zeljak.

This exhibition is open to the public from April 12 to 19 (except April 16) and will conclude with performances on Friday, April 19 (16:00-18:30). Entrance is free.