Encounters at Art Rotterdam
Mischa Andriessen, Mark Bain, Josephine Bosma, Pascal Gielen, Xander Karskens, Reinbert de Leeuw, Thijs Lijster, K. Schippers & Judith Vrancken
K Schippers
K. Schippers (1963) is a writer, poet, essayist and art critic. He has an extensive body of work to his name, which includes novels, poetry, essays, stories and reflections, and a children's books. He became well known for the literary magazine ‘Barbarber’, which he founded in 1958 together with J. Bernlef and G. Brands. For his poetry he received in 1996 the P.C. Hooft-prijs. As an art critic K. Schippers has written studies of the history of ‘Dada’ and more than of the bride theme in the work of Marcel Duchamp ‘De bruid van Marcel Duchamp’, as well as writing his own text inspired by the work of Man Ray ‘Het formaat van Man Ray’ and editing the experimental poems of Theo van Doesburg. His work has been credited with having introduced the readymade as a poetic form, the whole of his work is dedicated to looking at everyday objects and events in a new way.