Jasper Niens & Denicolai and Provoost
13.02.2013 — 17.02.2013
Jasper Niens
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Jasper Niens is a builder, he makes installations where the contemplator has a part. He works like an architect using the same methods and materials, but in his work he lets the public experience a spot rather than using or passing it. He has designed a double wall with 48 doors to divide 4 rooms. The guard of the museum took care of the closing of the doors. He has given trees on an outside field their own platform by making walkways around them. At an alternative art fair he made a huge snake of wood and textile. The public had to walk through and could meet in the middle. A corner house has been split in two by a hallway going through it. Jasper Niens makes us more aware of our surroundings in a clear, impressive and charming way.

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