Museumnacht Den Haag
08.10.2022, 20:00 — 01:00
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Museum Night 2022

Exhibitions and events
08.10.2022, 20:00 — 01.00 hrs.
West Den Haag in the former American Embassy, Lange Voorhout 102, The Hague

West Den Haag is based in the former American embassy in the heart of the Museumkwartier The Hague. The National Monument by architect Marcel Breuer has been made available by the municipality to West, a contemporary museum with a public program. We pay a lot of attention to the exhibitions, the events, the building and the artists, in which dialogue is of great importance. West Den Haag is open 5 days a week. For Museumnacht 2022 we offer you a special program of exhibitions, guided tours, escape rooms and a music program around Paul Robeson.
By presenting and questioning contemporary art, we show the impact of art on society. West connects young and old art lovers and anyone who is curious about contemporary art. We invite you to understand and enjoy art through personal encounters.

Music Program
World renown as a singer and actor, Paul Robeson commanded the respect of the world for his commitment to universal humanity. An charismatic leader in the struggle against colonialism and for the emancipation of Black people, Robeson’s career sliced through the social strata of his age. Robeson recorded over 250 songs, starred in 11 feature films performing on Broadway and on countless stages around the world. Get to know his beautiful music, play records yourself or listen to the DJ.

Escape Rooms
Discover the former US Embassy in a unique way. Three different rooms in the different corners of the building have been transformed into Escape Rooms. Only by formulating answers together and solving riddles about art can you escape. Or will you be able to find the secret route out? West's exhibitions in this monumental building provide a special interaction between contemporary art, architecture and the recent history of The Hague. The combination of these three perspectives is the inspiration for the Escape Rooms. Suitable for everybody 12+.

Guided Tours
The American embassy was designed by the famous architect Marcel Breuer. The national monument is an icon for perhaps the most influential cultural movement of the 20th century: Bauhaus. During the Museumnacht, our expert guides give guided tours showing the special library, the auditorium, the conference room and the ambassador's room. The tour starts on the hour and lasts 45 minutes.