Reynolds Reynolds — The incomplete works
Book presentation and exhibition closing

Sunday 19.11.2017, 16:00 – 18:00

Reynold Reynolds does not like to stop. While the audience is observing the result of his recent work with fascination, the artist is already creating the next films. Thus, the underlying themes of his work become the basis of the working process: the elasticity of time. A point of departure with which Reynolds interweaves the past, the present and the future, in his own unique way. Therefore, each project is a process-in-progress, without a clear start or finish, and for which an opening or premiere is just a random indication of a larger whole. As a visual conjurer, polymath and inventor, Reynold Reynolds not only teaches us how to control time, but also how to make art and science overlap. Life as a continuum, which we, as passive observers, can only enjoy. In other words: the history as amor fati perpetuum, during which the human being dies and art remains.

Reynold Reynolds entices us to rediscover the things we already know; that is what makes his work so exceptional. This is made possible, I think, thanks to the unconventional approach in combination with the passionate enthusiasm of the artist.

On the last day of the exhibition ‘Feedback #1: Marshall McLuhan and the Arts’ the book 'Reynold Reynolds: Incomplete Works / The Incomplete Works' will be presented.
You are cordially invited.