Art Amsterdam
11.05.2011 — 15.05.2011
Simon Gush
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Rimalin performance, 2009. For the exhibition in Ename, Simon Gush had produced a work that seeks to remind visitors and residents of the small town about the way in which its history has defined our experience of the place. The history of the Trappist monks who lived in Ename is specifically being addressed here. Simon Gush selected a local bar and has asked the bartenders to perform a small action when serving the Ename Trappist beer. Just before giving out the beer, the bartender will execute the Trappist sign language for silence. This work looks to place the history of the Ename Trappist abbey in the context of the contemporary bar. Gush wanted to draw attention to bars in small towns as a way in which visitors can experience and participate in the community. For the residents, the bar provides a meeting point. It will also be a place for interaction between exhibition goers and the locals for the duration of this exhibition.