Dane Mitchell
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The critical acuity of Dane Mitchell’s playful unravelings sees him collaborate with witches and psychics to explore the phantom inhabitants of art galleries, institutions, and sites of cultural significance. In his meddling with the unknown, Mitchell has commissioned witches to curse galleries, craft portals to the spirit world, and measure the shifting temperatures in the cavities of gallery walls. Dane Mitchell employs the specter of spiritualism and New Age thinking to investigate site: drawing on ‘other ways of knowing’. Among the recent project Conjuring Form, presented at Art 39 Basel in the Art Statements section, he invoked the last person executed for withcraft in Europe with the assistance of a witch; explored the psychic residue of associated sites; sopke through objects in order to facilitate a concentrated gaze, and enacts the spectre of an asport – the transference of an object from one location to another. These works sit within Mitchell’s wider strategy of enacting idiosyncratic critiques, examining forms of knowledge and power, and elucidating the conventions, customs, and pathologies that detail the mechanisms at work in the construction of culture.

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