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Musical Material #5
Melle Kromhout, Gabriel Paiuk and Glice

Sunday 17.02.2017, 14.30 — 17:30 uur
Het Nutshuis – Commissarissenzaal, Riviervismarkt 5 Den Haag

Musical Material welcomes Amsterdam-born musician and postdoctoral researcher Melle Kromhout (Glice) and Argentinian composer and sound artist Gabriel Paiuk. Musical Material is a series of inspiring encounters on Sunday afternoons organised by Rewire in collaboration with West Den Haag. The series invites specialists in the fields of music, art and reflection to test and discuss their work in an intimate setting. On Sunday 17 December, Musical Material presents a conversation between Amsterdam-born musician and postdoctoral researcher Melle Kromhout (Glice) and Argentinian composer and sound artist Gabriel Paiuk. The talk will be accompanied by two short performances by Glice and Gabriel Paiuk.

Melle Kromhout
Having recently completed his PhD thesis on the role of noise and distortion in sound and music, Amsterdam-born musician and researcher Melle Kromhout is now a Postdoctoral Research fellow at the University of Cambridge’s Faculty of Music. His work deals with the development of the physical concepts of Fourier analysis and sine waves and their defining role in the evolution of modern sonic and musical cultures. When he’s not teaching or publishing on music, sound, noise and popular culture, you can find him writing, recording and performing as a musician under numerous guises, including lo-fi impro-noise duo Glice.
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Gabriel Paiuk
Gabriel Paiuk is an Argentinian composer and sound artist whose work deals with the ways in which material conditions, protocols and notions of media play a role in the constitution of our auditory practices. Now a faculty member at the Institute of Sonology in The Hague and a PhD candidate in Leiden, his work takes the form of sound installations and compositions for traditional instruments and particular loudspeaker setups.
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Glice is the brainchild of Amsterdam based musicians Ruben Braeken and Melle Kromhout. Conceived as an antidote to the song-based, pop-tendencies of their other musical outfits (Apneu, Fata ‘al Moustache’ Morgana and Katadreuffe), Glice sees the pair diving into their love of abstract music. Employing a range of lo-fi equipment, their musical approach is at once improvisational and highly focused, free but with a keen ear for detail. The resulting sound is best characterised as a soundtrack to imagined science fiction disaster films and post-apocalyptic ceremonies.
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