branca before balthus
mavis o'donaghue

girls and cats
triangles in time, patterns in time
made serial, given the number of hours in a day
connected by color, tone of the hour
long day's journey into night
come and go
time passes

balthus girls play patience
they read books
they play instruments, study music
read the purloined letter
suspended in rationality
that endures without horizon
they're lovers are time, rhythms
one night stands with the night

the cosmonautic feline
the easy keeper of the house
the fellow that stays there
time's deceiving mathematician

palettes mate
zoetrope genealogy, expressionistic proliferation
traceless mimicry
warburg wearing camouflage
warburg dressed as himself
warburg wearing last autumn's style
warburg dressed as someone else

stave and brush, le roi des chats
supposer of time in line, line in time

twenty four cats
each itself, each the same
all things bear repeating
self-similar chronicler
chronos and eos
an hour in the day, a bit of color
lingering here from yesterday

Marc LeBlanc (director of KaviGupta, Berlin)