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press announcement 26.09.2007
Bad Beuys Entertainment, Boling, Bruno, Chrisa & Tkacova, collectif_fact, Matsoukis, Mirza, Previeux, Rungjang, Zucconi, curated by VVORK.com (06.10.2007 - 03.11.2007, West)

1. general
2. addendum 1: information on the lecture series connected to the exhibition
3. addendum 2: information on participating artists
VVORK.com is an artlog. VVORK is Aleksandra Domanovic, Oliver Laric, Christoph Priglinger, Georg Schnitzer; a collective of artists, curators en designers. Together with a quote and a link to the artists website, they update their artlog daily from different locations with pictures of art works from all over the world. They are using very personal (often unknown) choices and only very few words. The (picture of the) art-work itself gets all the space and the enormous quantity (of mostly unknown work) published sets VVORK apart from similar initiatives.

VVORK has every day over 9000 visitors. They combine different phenomena from modern media culture: international editors on different locations, publishing only online, images replacing text and an international readership.

West invited VVORK for their one year anniversary to curate their first offline, physical exhibition. In West they will present a group-show with works of Bad Beuys Entertainment, John Michael Boling, Christophe Bruno, Anetta Mona Chrisa & Lucia Tkacova, collectif_fact, Katerina Matsoukis, Haroon Mirza, Julien Prévieux, Arin Rungjang en Damon Zucconi.
addendum 1
West is organizing two evenings with lectures and presentations. These evening are focusing on artlogs, globalization, positioning, internet vs traditional media and the influence of internet on the perception of art.
These evenings (6 & 9 october) are for free.

saturday 6 october, 19:00
Artist talk with
Matthieu Clainchard & Olivier Cazin - Bad Beuys Entertainment
Julien Prévieux - www.previeux.net
Haroon Mirza - www.clickfolio.com/haroon

tuesday 9 october, 20:00
Artist talk/discussion: Aleksandra Domanovic, Oliver Laric, Georg Schnitzer en Christoph Priglinger from VVORK.com
Jeroen Bosch from www.trendbeheer.com
Peter Luining from www.ctrlaltdelete.org
Marie Jeanne de Rooij from www.denhaagsculptuur.nl
Constant Dullaart www.constantdullaart.nl

6 october - 3 november
Exhibition open, wednesdays till saturdays from 12:00 - 18:00

For questions feel free to call Marie-José Sondeijker 070.3925359.
addendum 2
Information on the artists

Bad Beuys Entertainment (1999, France) - www.badbeuys.ent.free.fr
Founded in 1999, by Matthieu Clainchard and Olivier Cazinin Cergy-Pontoise, at Cergy-Pontoise, in the Parisian suburbs. The work of Bad Beuys Entertainment stems from and speaks about the outskirts. To live in these outer-urban spaces is to inhabit a certain culture, with specific reference points, represented by a whole spectrum of outsider activities. Bad Beuys Entertainment works with and around tags, rap, riots, insults, burning cars, suburban underworlds, urban legends, big architectural housing developments, popular culture, the ubiquity of the television, urbanism, hip-hop and graffiti.
Bad Beuys Entertainment will join the artist talk on the 6.10, 19.00.

John Michael Boling (1983, USA) - www.gooooo...oogle.com/guitarsolo.html
Boling is a 24 year old artist from New York. He is a recent graduate of the University of Georgia and have quickly gained the attention of the New York new media scene with his video and net art. He is best know for his focused, brilliantly executed video re-edits of television footage. He is a founding member of Nasty Nets internet surfing club.

Christophe Bruno (France) - www.christophebruno.com
Bruno lives and works in Paris. We scan your intimacy to protect your privacy! Is the economic dynamics of the collective hallucination leading us towards a privatization of the glance? Logo.Hallucination is a mixed media installation by Bruno. Awarded at the Madrid Contemporary Art Fair with the ARCO new media prize 2007 and at the Prix Arts Electronica 2003. He divides his time between his artistic activity, teaching, lectures and publications.

A. M. Chisa (1975, Romania) & L. Tkacova (1977, Slovakia) - www.chitka.info
Anetta Mona Chisa and Lucia Tkacova both work as artists and curators. In West they will show the video Dialectics of Subjection #4. The most powerful men in the world politics are submitted to uncompromising judgement, admitting only the criteria of physical (un)attractiveness. Ignoring the subjects’ political and moral qualities as well as their significance in the contemporary political sphere. The video is an exciting dialogue filled with racy comparisons and some surprising victories.

collectif_fact (2001, Switzerland) - www.collectif-fact.ch
collectif_fact = Annelore Schneider (1979), Swann Thommen (1979), Claude Piguet (1977). They have worked together since 2001, after they had met at the Ecole supérieure des beaux-arts Genève. Collectif_fact create their works by using a sophisticated digital sampling technique. Similarly to processes for composing electronic music, elements and tiny fragments taken from photographs, videos, digital data sets, and image databases are isolated, cut out, transferred, multiplied, reassembled, deprived of their original spatiality and physicality, and thus placed in entirely new contexts and non-narrative but quite coherent sequences of images. The group’s works reflect a digitized society in which a parallel, interchangeable life is possible thanks to standardized, virtual, formal, and functional elements. For all their virtuality, direct links to reality remain since what emerges emanates from a real experience. The works’ content is what makes them so intriguing; Collectif_fact, thanks to their meticulous observations, are able to articulate contemporary social phenomena with great poignancy.

Katerina Matsoukis (GR)
more info soon

Haroon Mirza (1977, United Kingdom) - www.clickfolio.com/haroon
Haroon lives and works in London. His work is concerned with technology – the technology of seeing and hearing – specifically the romanticising of technology, with its emphasis on representation, and the excess of information he believes it faces us with today. His artworks set up environments where the technology of their construction becomes the focus, whilst at the same time the withholding of information interrupts the sorts of expectations we might make of them. The resulting experience, then, is of a disjunctive temporality.
He will be joining for the artist talk on 06.10, 19.00.

Julien Prévieux (1974, France) - www.previeux.net
Julien Prévieux born in Grenoble (France), works and lives in Paris. His work Post-post-production is a 120-minute video. To The World is not Enough, Prévieux adds a completely new set of effects to the penultimate James Bond movie: each shot is enhanced by additional explosions, flames, smoke, torrents of water and avalanches... Thus ‘augmented’, the film reveals a second rhythm which is no longer that of its narrative, but the rhythm of its new effects.

Arin Rungjang (1976, Thailand) - www.arinrungjang.blogspot.com
Arin Rungjang is an artist from Bangkok, 31 years old. His work, part of Collected Neons From Art Spaces. Rungjang will show a new site specific installation made in collaboration with the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. The installation is a work about two cultures, one contemplative and filled with spirituality, and the other shaped by conceptual art. The relationship between viewer and artwork has produced via a sensation device, both physical and psychic. The viewer is part of the work and completes it.

Damon Zucconi (1986, USA) - www.reticular.info
Damon Zucconi is a 21 year old artist living and working in New York.