Richard Cavell
Dr. Richard Cavell (CA) is professor of English at the University of British Columbia and has dedicated his academic research to an integrative approach to the study of culture. He is author of ‘McLuhan in Space: A Cultural Geography’ (University of Toronto Press, 2002), in which he focusses on the spatial turn in media studies arguing that space is the most consistent concept in McLuhans body of work. Professor Cavell has published the critical performance piece ‘Marinetti Dines with the High Command’ (Guernica Editions, 2014) and ‘Remediating McLuhan’ (Recursions, 2016) and is amongst others joint Founding Editor of the award-winning ‘Cultural Spaces’ series at the University of Toronto Press (1999-2009), founder of the UBC International Canadian Studies Center; a Founding Board Member of the UBC School of Journalism and curator of the website He has been a faculty member of the universities of Padua and Bologna.