Lucky Dragons
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Lucky Dragons is an experimental music group consisting of Luke Fischbeck and Sarah Rara. Based in Los Angeles, California, the band are noted for their unusual sound, described as having the ability to make ‘everyday sounds’ become alluringly other. Lucky Dragons' performances include live music, video projection, and sounds created in collaboration with the audience. They have performed at the Smell, Echo Curio, Dublab, at major international art institutions and at the 2008 Whitney Biennial.[wikipedia 2012]

Press quotes

Lucky Dragons... create ecstatic music that completely transcends genres. My attempts to describe what their music actually sounds like always fall short of the magic they are making. I guess you could say it sounds like—ecstatic magic. Challenging stereotypes that electronic music is cold and sterile, Lucky Dragons' live show, though conducted via computers, is a truly great celebration of the human spirit, giving real hope for the techno-future our society is racing toward.

A line between the handmade and the distanced digital... ...a successful forging of the personal detritus, the mic-ed moments between moments.
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Lucky Dragons have managed to create a completely new strand of West Coast American psychedelia.