Winter School
Deep Sustainability
21.01.2021 — 27.01.2021

Photo: Guido van Nispen
21.01.2021 — 27.01.2021
Winter School
Deep Sustainability

In order to keep the discussions and experiences substantive and immersive, this Winter School is limited to 25 participants. There is a fee of € 175 per participant, which includes lunches as well as a reader. The program will be held in English.

To apply, please e-mail before 20 December 2020 with a short introduction and a 100-word motivation. If successful, you will receive a confirmation of registration and instructions for payment within the week.

The rebellion has begun. Millions of people are in the streets protesting the unsustainable status quo of ecological and economic mismanagement and disregard for the complexity of life. The demands are addressed to the powerful, politicians and leaders of industry, who respond slowly and inadequately. Everyone knows what is at stake, but what will it take to compel those who can to commit to long term transformation? International institutions exist but they do not have the necessarily political agency to compel the adoption of new rules.

The scientific consensus is near unanimous. we must make unprecedented changes in how we live. There is determinedly less fossil fuel available then there was at the beginning of last century, and this is getting harder to extract. It is not a question of whether we need to make fundamental changes, but how?

Why do we live in a world of poisonous plastics and wasteful processes in the first place? Long-term planning which benefits from science and historical experience is increasingly trumped by short-term drives for profits and ‘growth’. Reason alone is obviously not enough, we need the agency to put reason into effect. Artificial intelligence will not be able to improve our condition, we have to do it ourselves, and the AI will follow.

From collapsology, through feminist economics to near future speculative science fictions, in our winter school we will take the time to summon our dread and our anger and channel these into emancipatory exercises and motivating activations for ourselves and for our communities. We will fortify each-other to delve into dark mysteries of which bind our fears and ambivalence, and hearten each-other to face the challenge, to elaborate, and pronounce demands, and cultivate cooperation to achieve these demands!

Each day of the Winter School will begin with readings and discussions of stimulating, energizing and challenging theory, ideas and philosophy, followed by sessions of movement, breathing and extra-linguistic explorations, and then concluded in synthetic sessions where insights and experiences can have time to settle in and emancipate. We will adjust the general working conditions depending on the general public health measures which may be in force at that time.

Participants should be prepared to join exercises which will transgress conventional disciplinary boundaries, in an atmosphere of respect, with understanding and always attentive to consent. Participants should bring comfortable clothes for movement exercises. Connecting to our existing practices, we want to embrace the challenge to develop new integrative modes of thinking together, with each other, with our environment, thinking in action, acting in receptivity, feeling out unlikely equilibria, towards new performativities.

The winter school is conveyed by Baruch Gottlieb.

Activities and workshops
- new rituals/ceremonies/performance/methods
- sustainability political economy
- science fictions
- speculative performances

The speakers en workshop hosts will be announced on this website asap.