Maria Taniguchi
Adhering to a daily practice of art-making, Maria Taniguchi creates deliberate, cerebral paintings in a systematic manner. Her gridded brick paintings build uniform, cohesive images from small, predetermined details and a repetitive mark-making process. Using varied ratios of water and acrylic, Taniguchi paints gradated brick walls measuring up to 15 feet tall, building her compositions in a manner not unlike true brick-laying. While non-representational, Taniguchi’s paintings and gradations function as renderings of the artist’s moods, digital algorithms or equations, or, in the case of Untitled (Mirrors) (2011), which features a less rigid gradation than her other works, the surface qualities of marble. Taniguchi ultimately seeks to transform canvas into something more durable and call into question notions of surface by constructing painted architectures, rather than images.