Lotte Geeven
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My approach is observation based and strictly non-intellectual. I strongly believe a dynamic playful way combined with precise non-hierarchical observing can lead to a deep understanding of places and objects that surround us. Within the act of observing an orange fruit, a spatial dimension, the movement of an eyebrow or the behaviour of a city is of equal importance to me. My gaze is an anarchistic gaze if you wish; it denies all hierarchy and acknowledges the autonomous authority of things as such.

In my current work, with this gaze, I strive to set static spaces (both physical and mental) in motion using seemingly simple measure made gestures which evoke a trial of strength with their surrounding. My observations are the key elements determining the nature of these site-specific gesture. Depending fully on the context it can be either large or small, rarefied or of a strong physical presence. Through these seemingly simple acts dealing with reappointment of the object, dualism, balance and strength I want to create a temporary dynamic realm that functions as a meeting place for non-obvious encounters; a territory where things can reposition.

Although all gestures are unique they do have one thing in common. The are -above all- an appeal for vitality and sovereignty of place & object.

Lotte Geeven

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