Julien Previeux
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Le lotissement (The Housing Estate) MDF, acrylic, Approximately 250 x 200 x 150 cm each, 2008.

If the coexistence of different kinds of buildings is the basis of what we agree to call territorial planning, the size of Julien Prévieux’s cabin maintains an ambiguity between furniture and real estate, private sphere and public facade, the inwardness of withdrawal and the outwardness of extrication. These are not so much outstanding buildings or main homes as annexes, places for which residing is not the concern, places where one can escape from coexistence. The Housing Estate offers a modeling of the concave spaces that served as laboratory, office or workshop for such celebrated figures as Gustav Mahler, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Alexander Graham Bell and Virginia Woolf. These are the withdrawal places in which thought becomes deed, from which is delivered the envelope, the image of a thought transformed into music, text or object. The Housing Estate can be seen as the interface between withdrawal and extrication. Bringing these buildings together can be seen as thinking out the territorial planning of thought; in other words, of thinking out a public policy of personal commitment.