Julien Previeux
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La somme de toutes les peurs (The Sum of All Fears) print on paper, 530 x 210 cm, 2007.

Here the scenarios of what are called “national security” films are rewritten and brought together. The Sum of All Fears, Invasion Los Angeles, Final Decision and War Games all describe a threat, whether from nature, people or extra-terrestrial forces. Julien Prévieux processes their synopses with decision support software normally used by the army for sorting out complex situations. The resultant decision-making diagram looks like the military maps we see in this kind of film, but in fact has become a huge, endless maze, in which the facts merge into a tangle of lines and terms that intersect at significant “nodes”. Paradoxically, then, the attempt at clarification produces a state of total confusion, a kind of ultimately paranoid scenario.