Jasper Bernes
Dr. Jasper Bernes (US) is Visiting Assistant Professor of English at Stanford University, USA, and author of a collection of poems ‘Starsdown’ (Small Press Distribution, 2007), ‘We Are Nothing and So Can You’ (Commune Editions, 2015), a book-length poem of revolts past, present, and future for the 21st century to come, and a scholarly book, ‘The Work of Art in the Age of Deindustrialization’ (Stanford University Press, 2017), that examines the relationship of postmodern poetry and art play within postindustrial capitalism. Professor Bernes’ critical work focuses on 20th century American literature, Marxism, labor theory and new media. Besides poems and essays his writing on contemporary politics and political economy can be found in venues such as ‘The New Inquiry’, ‘LARB’, ‘Endnotes’, ‘Viewpoint’ and ‘e-flux’. With Joshua Colver and Juliana Spahr, Bernes edits the press Commune Editions.