Globalization, Hipster culture and the Art of Tinkering
13.06.2017, 20:00
Florian Cramer
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Florian Cramer (NL) is a reader in 21st century visual culture at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands, where he is affiliated to Willem de Kooning Academy and Piet Zwart Institute. He is the author of the book ‘Exe.cut[up]able Statements’ (Wilhelm Fink Verlag, 2011) and the essays ‘Words Made Flesh’, ‘What is post-digital?’ (2013) and ‘Crapularity Hermeneutics’ (forthcoming). He also serves on the board of De Player, a Rotterdam-based venue and publisher for sound and performance art. His research ranges from cultural studies of computational poetics to practice-oriented research in the redefinition of the arts in 21st century. Cramer collaborated in various small publishing projects including Software Art repository, the Unstable Digest of code poetry, and the Zine Camp festival at WORM, Rotterdam.