Emily Kocken
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Emily Kocken is a visual artist and writer who works and lives in Amsterdam. Born in 1963 in New York, she moved with her family to the Netherlands at the age of seven. She received a rich training in the academic field, studying music, philosophy, theatre, film and writing, but she considers herself an autodidact in the techniques she uses the most: drawing, photography and writing. For more than a decade she taught music, theatre and film at different high schools. After a car accident in 2000 she quit her teaching job and dedicated herself totally to her art practice, developing her work via interdisciplinary collaborations and solo projects, supported by several Dutch foundations for the arts. Since 2005 her work has become more autonomous and consists at the moment mostly of photographs, drawings, collages and writing.

Her work researches intersubjective and spatial relationships, displacing fragments of the lives of others with her own, spending serious time measuring the residue of the energy of micro historical events in specific places, creating new narratives, involving small communities and peer groups in the process, inviting them to participate, according to her conviction that artistic transparency is a form of democracy, and that serious art making always has a political consequence for the condition humane. Her methodology contains conceptual and situationist elements; mildly mocking reality, provoking chance to enter the working field she carefully designed and help her to embrace the self evoked spell on her preset rules.

In 1996 Emily founded Zero Art Collective. Zero zooms in on the urban landscape and its inhabitants through visual media. She carries out projects both under her own name and as Zero.

Since 2010 she is represented by Cosimo di Leo Ricatto for C&H art space in Amsterdam. In 2013 she made her debut as a novelist with Witte vlag for Querido Publishers in Amsterdam.