Ed Steck
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In 67 blank pages: The blank document was downloaded from a jihadist online forum. The PDF originally contained the full publication of Al Qaeda's Inspire. All original material in the document was rendered absent by intervening intelligence agencies. The blank document remains available. Virus-laden PDFs of the online publication have circulated through private government conspiracy and jihadist online forums. This specific document is a purposefully corrupted file to deteriorate the security of the terrorist organization's distribution network, as well as possibly installing a self-replicating remote-activated spyware computer worm, which would launch a rapid mass collection of information on the individual and infiltrate the systems of any other user connected to the original source.
Inspire, Al Qaeda's English-Language Recruitment Magazine or a possible product of an infiltrating Western intelligence agency, containing bomb-making instructions, interviews, and articles on what to expect from jihad, in 67 blank pages.